Letter to the Editor: We Must Drain The Swamp For Reals!

Dear Editor: The 2020 #presidential elections are #rigged so badly, we need to delete & reinstall the whole thing! I think Rep. John Lewis would want us to fix our elections, before we walk into a huge frying pan of bad trouble, a nightmare of a disaster on many levels.  The US Postal Service has been successfully compromised by mr. tRump, who is setting everything up so that he can delay & therefore basically cancel Nov. elections.

Let’s be clear: mr. tRump has made it abundantly clear he fully intends to remain in power, whether we like it or not! He said it, & tweeted it, & communicated this FACT through his corrupt DOJ and Atty General Barr: He will delay and/or cancel the ‘rigged’ elections, and/or refuse to step down in January if Biden wins the November elections. 

Mr trump has very carefully schemed out an entire plan, & apparently sees us all as paws 🐾- what we need is a checkmate strategy to remove at least, bare minimum, both trump & pence. It shouldn’t be hard to remove them after they just killed 150,000 of us, blocked funding for covid testing & contract tracing (effectively hobbling our national response to contain the epidemic).

It is becoming increasingly clear to all but the most obtuse faux news viewer: we’re in BIG TROUBLE if we don’t get rid of these turkeys 🦃! 

Trump staying in office would be tantamount to a cataclysm; even the most cited intellectual in the world, Prof Noam Chomsky, talked about this ‘Freakshow in Washington’. 

Remember when we were deliberating his impeachment t the first time, & he tried to start a war with Iran 🇮🇷 to distract us ? That was a ‘Wag The Dog’ tactic he learned from the Clintons. 

We all witnessed for ourselves: trump was caught lying about the 20,000th time, about ‘imminent threats to 4 consulates‘ – & never even censured by our do-nothing Congress! Well, his declaring unilateral war as the Leader of The ‘Free World’ is obviously tantamountto treason. 

Then, most Americans are willfully ignorant of the horrible truth of what is really going on in our country today: we are suddenly finding ourselves fully in the throes of some kind of brutal corporatist dictatorship.  The Number One source of information in America is Faux ‘news’, which should be sued for fraud, for calling itself ‘news’ when it has so woefully misinformed the public & skewed public debate on any issue. As a service to the public, I plan filing an injunction against Fox for fraudulently calling itself news; asking the courts to sue Fox for all its worth. If I win that federal case – basically suing Faux ‘news’ out of existence – that award wouldgiven to PBS & to fund & cover & coordinate our presidential elections  so we can actually have some credible news-gathering organizations in this country again. 

Mr Trump ‘sicced’ federal agents on journalists, btw, a clear violation of the constitution in a couple if not several ways, all in the space of 24 hours. 

The ACLU filed suit against the Three Hundred -plus attacks on journalists to mr Trump’s federal agents. Moreover, he allowed chemical weapons to be used on us & deployed ‘essentially secret police’ on his fellow citizens.

This guy tramples on everyone’s rights, & he/they must be stopped & removed, &, imho, imprisoned for a long time, with no chance of release, in order to protect the public interest from their toxic, even genocidal influence. These ‘people’ who are carrying out by all appearances The Greatest Heist In History – raiding our coffers to enrich themselves & the 1percent. This criminal administration is exploiting the epidemic to ‘kick us when we’re down’, dangling carrots 🥕 of a few hundred bucks to carry us through months of unemployment & lockdown- because of them. This criminal administration is conducting an unbridled hitleresque putsch of epic proportions. What can we do? Whatever it is, we must do it all! I think, personally, the Trump administration should be tried immediately, using the RICO act to bring down mafioso. Members of the Trump regime should be tried as the crime syndicate & hotbed of corruption that it is.Trump, Pence, Barr, Mnuchin especially should all be locked up 🔒 yesterday—then we could ‘Make America Safe Again! We need to Drain The Swamp For Reals, yesterday, in my opinion. The level of corruption in this country is epic, out of control, festering like a cesspit, & whether Americans are able to think of the rest of the world for a minute, our political implosion right now will and is severely impacting the rest of the world 🌎. If we do act soon, like NOW, & we enable these corrupt public officials to destroy our planet, we’re all gonna be reeeal sorry! I’m saying this as a deeply concerned citizen: Our elections ARE rigged. Mr tRump is right on that one issue.That’s why I’m running for President on the Progressive Party ticket- we need a comprehensible national strategy, which I outlined in my podcast, Stick It 2da Man Show, w/Trista. Briefly, we should forget the mail! Hold elections by phone or computer, like Taiwan did. And we all must do our part as patriots and call Congress 202 224 3121 & email mr tRump at whitehouse.gov/contact, since he closed the comments line, 202 4561111. Trump & Pence need to Resign NOW, for effectively killing 150,000 of us, needlessly! With #Preside Pelosi at the helm, under her SANE & competent guidance, we sshould be able to contain the virus in about 130 days, like Cuba 🇨🇺 just did; or Taiwan 🇹🇼; or New Zealand 🇳🇿; or SKorea. If they’re not immediately removed for their criminal incompetence & WILFUL & malicious conspiracy to help themselves to our national coffers instead of doing their job, we’re gonna need People Power to pressure everybody- & that is a huge risk to public health. Congress must act now to #ImpeachNow&Again, the whole administration. They are like hogs gone wild 😜! According to the line of succession, it goes, Trump, Pence & then Pelosi. So we need a checkmate strategy that keeps the eye on the Prize whilst trying to remove Barr, as my guest Meg says. She says there’s a Third World 🌎 War going on right now, since 2014, she estimates; & if trump is still in office in January, WE LOST. If we get anyone else in there – literally ANYONE plz: Mary Trump’s book Too Much & Never Enough helps exain the swamp monster that we created. Mr tRump, right now is the specter of Frankenstein, & he’s got his tiny hands wrapped around our collective neck. We all need to Keep Our Eyes 👀 On ThePrize: focus on what emperor of Ethiopia 🇪🇹, Haile Selassie called ‘Collective security’ – if one actor attack, it destabilizes the entire network. I for one am thankful that Ms Trump explained the psychology of this ‘dangerous’ character, who, most experts agree is totally ‘unqualified’ to run our country.Mary Trump is a psychotherapist who told us in her book that our president meets all the diagnostic criteria as an anti-social sociopathic narcissist with dependency disorder. This means basically he’s the anarchist here, not us! Trump should be removed on his injecting disinfectants’ alone! That is absolutely INSANE, & a judge should put us out of all our misery & remove trump Trump regime. Sincerely yours, Trista diGenova-CHANG 2020 Candidate, Pima Sheriff & US President MSt, Oxford University; BA (PoliSci), Berkeley; Masters in Medical Humanities, Taipei Medical University Tucson, AZ 520 271 3844 PS: Here’s my new website: TheDailyAtrocity.com hahaha 😂 just joking, my website is Trista4Change.com

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