My Case Against Mark Suckerberg

#MarkZuckerberg’s company #Facebook allowed #tRump to stage violent #insurrection #jan6; an act of #domesticterrorism was orchestrated and committed using that social media platform, & he did nothing until after it was all over, because ‘the numbers’ (fn MONEY) was sooo good. Mr Ff nazi assdump tRump cried like a little b+tch about it, too, and is staging his little lawsuit against #Twitter and FB for suspending his accounts afterwards. #TraitortRump got away with literally murder TRE45ON T3RRORISM before they would shut down his fn social media accounts. But I try to GET OUT THE VOTE and they shut MINE down. I was sending messages to MY fn newsgroups, which I’m a member of, and I guess I was too efficient as a longtime journalist and media worker – and without paying them advertising dollars, and they hate that sh+t and shut me down. And of course they wanted to shut me up. But I will NOT be shut up. Whose #constitutional #freespeech rights were really violated here, mine or tRump’s? Mine, of course. So I plan to SUE MARK ZUCKERBERG and Facebook for ONE BILLION DOLLARS (suckerface won’t miss a billion dollar$) for allowing a psychopathic #PresidentJimJones to ruin our fn country and attack the US Congress; but Trista, a wannabe candidate and @berniesanders supporter – can’t #rockthevote. Sad. Where was this #shitholecountry that #AgolfTwitler was talking about?! #fucktrump #trump4prison #trumpsucks #locktrumpup #lockuptrump #trump4prison