How can anyone think Trump is a bad President considering his many accomplishments?
He got conservative judge Neil Gorsuch onto the Supreme Court.
The stock market is at an all time high.
Consumer confidence is at an all time high.
He created more than a million jobs by undoing Obama’s regulations.

Interesting but totally non-factual analysis of his ‘accomplishments’ as you call them.
1) What about the flood of rabid right-wing, young federal judges that were appointed. That will skew our judicial system toward the fascist side of the spectrum.
2) Stock market is doing well only for the point zero zero zero one percenters like the Bezos & Zuckerberg. What about the rest of America? You forgot about them! And they have been not just forgotten but IGNORED by these ‘cruel’ people with ‘no principles’ at the top in this system.
3) Consumer confidence in what is at an all-time high? I doubt that, do you have any stats from credible sources to support that? Like not Breitbart?
I’d say without facts but via personal observation of the market that consumer confidence is at an all-time LOW.
Nobody’s buying right now; those selling general products can’t move ’em – & so many businesses going bankrupt!
This administration pocketed the trillions in stimulus packages that were meant for the american people, not just the corrupt associates of this lunatic in the highest office in the land.
4.) This is a whopper lol. Whether he actually created a million jobs by deleting an Obama program surely nowhere near makes up for the fact that 40+ MILLION AMERICANS are unemployed right now due to the #TrumpVirus – which is very conservative estimate because so many people ‘give up’ applying for benefits that require jumping through so many hoops to get, which is the agency’s goal so they don’t have to pay; 1 million NEW applicants for unemployment every week.
Since this administration doesn’t give a damn about workers, deeming them ‘socialists’ & ‘thugs’ etc etc, we can expect MILLIONS of evictions in the coming months as people are getting NO HELP from this government, & will be losing their homes like never before. What about them?
Don’t know what planet yer livin’ on, but hope a smart guy like you wakes up someday on Planet Earth with a clear view of reality!

Mortgage applications for new homes is at a 7 year high.
Unemployment rate is at a 16 year low.
Signed the promoting women in entrepreneurship.
Gutted 800 Obama era regulations thus freeing up American companies to hire again and get the economy moving once again.
Ended the war on coal and caused a new mine from coal mining to open that will mine clear coal. He also put the minors back to work.
Weekend Dood-Frank regulations.
Promotes buying and hiring American.
Investments from major businesses such as Foxconn, Ford, Toyota Intel and others will build here now.
Reduced illegal immigration I more than 70%.
Bids for the border wall around your way.
He’s fighting back against sanctuary cities.
Changed the rules of engagement against ISIS.
Drafting a plan to defeat ISIS.
Worked to reduce the cost of the F-35 fighter jets.
Imposed a five-year lobbying plan.
Sanctioned I ran over its’ missile program.
Responded to Syria’s use of chemical weapons.
Reduce tax reform plan.
He’s re-negotiating NAFTA.
He withdrew from the Trans Pacific Partnership thus keeping jobs here.
He called us out of the Paris Climate Accord thus saving us millions of dollars every year.
Created a task force to reduce crime.
The DOJ is targeting dangerous games like MS-13.
Signed independence and economic growth law.
Signed an executive order to protect police officers in target drug cartels.
Signed an executive order for religious freedom.
His administration is working on sending education back to the states.
He’s fixing the Department of veteran affairs so that now vets can choose their own doctors and be covered. This also protects whistleblowers and a lowers VA to terminate bad employees. Authorize the construction Keystone and Dakota pipelines. The Dakota pipeline is up and running without harming of the environment.
Signed independent and economic growth laws.
Creative commissions on Voltron an opioid addiction.
Foodstamp use is the lowest level in seven years.
Reduced the White House payroll saving taxpayers millions of dollars.
He’s donating his salary to various causes.
Signed 52 pieces of legislation.
Cut 600 billion from US he’s keeping motion. I could go on and on but I think you get the point. I think Trump haters don’t want to hear it because no democrat president in recent memory came close to these. They would rather have things be bad than become enlightened because maybe their guy will be elected next time. That’s sad. In the interest of full disclosure I am neither democrat or republican. I donated to Obama’s first campaign and I donated to Trump’s.