Both these old farts 💨 don’t cut it. man. Btw, it was #HRC who called blacks ‘super predators’, NOT @joebiden. That’s SECOND fn debate that assface Nazi trump LIED about that!! I am DEFINITELY in favor of a #FACTCHECKERS on-site at these debates; otherwise BOTh but espesh FF 💩 🤡 – lying every other fn word. Both show themselves in this debate as bankrupt of ideas 💡, altogether. Both defend fracking, for instance. Theres NOTHIN’ good to say about fracking. Thus, Both are CORRUPTAF, desperately out-of-Touch #FREAKS.

I have NO RESPECT ✊🏾 for #Biden & the other #CorporateDems, who have blocked our repeated attempts – Nay, NEED to RID OURSELVES OF THIS FN SCOURGE OF A PRESIDENCY. A LITERAL SCOURGE.

This crappy choice between two evils is a LOST, CRITICAL OPPORTUNITY to make great changes in our society, a lost opportunity that’s being pissed away in the hands of these stupid. Mean & senile old fogeys.
Btw Biden, get yer sh+t straight, ‘man. It’s ‘#proudboys, not #poorboys’; & FF #Drumpf told them – fn #kkk , #neonazis, fn #hooligans & #whitesupremacistTerrorists- yeah, this pos garbage 🗑 un-president – told them to STAND BY. He also invited violence at the polls.
It DISGUSTS ME & PISSES ME OFF ROYALLY that these people are RUINING – not RUNNIN our country.

It PISSES me off that ff Nazi wasn’t thrown in prison a long time ago- for fraud; for #Treason; for #terrorism; any of a MILLION FN CRIMINAL OFFENSEs.

BOTH THESE ASSHOLES want us to go to the polls and vote for them, & WE HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE, except STAY HOME.

We’ve been railroaded into this situation;it’s more of a SETUP, or TRAP than an #Election.

Even worse, they don’t have any good or SPEEDY solutions to offer us, or the Country 🇺🇸 , especially in the modern context: a #Plague (as FF described it to #BobWoodward in Feb; while he told the rest of us it was #HoaxByTheDemocrats)’. & a #Depression, due to #TrumpEconomy- let’s call it for what it is! MAN-MADE AND NASTY!! 🤢

Man, we really have hit rock bottom if all there is to ‘choose from’ are these POS losers. They couldn’t lead us out of a paper bag ! Haha in fact, I’m sure 🍊🤡 himself arranged for the mob to put us all in this paper fn bag!!

But we CAN Break out. Break out of this propaganda, this fn hogwash, all of it. These aren’t elections, this is FIXED; these elections are RIGGED BY BOTH PARTIES; or else, WE would have OUR 1st. Choice: #PresidentSanders.
I was personally hoping #Burnhard – #GrandpaAmerica- could lead us, like picking up after where Kennedy & #teddyroosevelt & #FDR left off: A New Society, A New Deal.
This is the perfect time for 100 million people to VOTE ME & BERNIE! 🙂 😂 that would be too perfect, too happy Ana ending… & I guess Americans are too used to their pain, suffering & misery at the hands of these scheisters, all of ‘em, except uncle bern 🔥 &.#TheSquad.
Strange, isn’t it, that almost SAME thing happened 100 years ago. Did these fools- or did we as a fn culture learn anything at all??! If BOTH parties weren’t so #corrupt & #bankrupt of any ideas 💡, we’d have #PresidentSanders right now.
In an ideal #TristaWorld, ff Nazi 🍊 🤡 would be fn dragged off the stage & thrown into prison along with the rest of his #kkkriminal mal-administration. Trump’s pathologically, chronically unfit to lead us.
Both of these tools, these #RunningDogsOfCapitalism have nothing to offer any of us; as a nation.

We truly have become a #kakocracy, as well as #Idiocracy- the rule by the worst qualified.

Trista diGenova-CHANG is running for @pimasheriff, #Arizona #Governor2022, & #potus tonight & every election til she wins.

It’s not too late for 100 Million Americans to VOTE FOR ME & #Bernie! 🙂 🌈 🦄

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