Newsbrief: July 28, 2020


Here is the legal basis & argument of my federal lawsuit against the tyrannical Trump Empire:

I, JahTRISTA diGenova-Chang, am suing mr. tRump & his entire kkkriminal administration – essentially a crime family syndicate that should be tried as such. I’d suggest applying RICO (Racketeering Influenced & Corruptions Organizations Act). However, we must not limit our suit with such a narrow scope. Nay, we must apply what a wise man (was it LaoTse in ‘Art of War’?) once called the “Hu Flung Dung’ Approach, whereby we throw a ton of sh+t at the wall, in hopes that something sticks. In effect, we shall throw the book at him, because any judge in their right mind would at least take them as a whole, & provide some judicial relief in this situation, if only to limit the currently unlimited powers of the executive.

I’m launching this federal lawsuit alone, pro se, without yet a law degree. I consider this as a form of public service to my countryfolk & to the world, which educated me. When mr. tRump – by his actions early on, as early as the lies he told about the size of his inauguration, to the unconstitutional & un-American Muslim ban, I vowed I’d have to ‘figure out’ the legal system as best I could, to make sure our ‘grievances’ are heard, while they could be, before the court system, too is closed from us or over-run with young reactionary Trump appointees; & so far all of our other institutions have failed us, too.

Our do-nothing Congress failed to remove these criminals in February by a narrow margin in the US Senate. Ever since, this Administration has absolutely run amok with their absolute power. Our corporate media have also failed to make a coordinated call for his ouster, as a means of national survival & to protect us all from the public health disaster this Admin has allowed to spiral out of control. I consider it my patriotic duty, as a responsible citizen of this once-great country, to defend & protect our Constitutional values as a nation, even if our elected ‘leaders’ won’t, & don’t have any sense of loyalty or pride in the real ‘traditional’ American values – honesty, faith in God, love of country, kindness & respect of our neighbors. Now we are the social pariahs of the World, & can’t leave the country if we tried!

FIFTY million people have applied for unemployment benefits since March; I for one have not seen one stimulus check as promised, & don’t expect to, either, because I am a vocal critic of Mr Trump, perhaps his Number #1 Gadfly, perhaps. So Trump is so petty & vicious a ‘leader’ he will no doubt withhold any stimulus checks for his detractors. We saw recently how the Republican ‘leadership’ manoeuver those trillions of dollars in ‘small business aid’ to their friends, basically. That is good old-fashioned ‘corruption’, pure & simple.

We are literally held captive to the whims of a madman. His henchman in Congress, Mitch McConnell has blocked literally hundreds of bipartisan pieces of legislation from debate on the Senate floor, the so-called #LegislativeGraveyard. Too, all GOP except Mitt Romney voted to acquit this lunatic in February, so with the fact they are therefore responsible for the carnage currently taking place as a result of I’m asking Your Honor to force their resignations, all of them as a collective, & bar them all from running for re-election. The GOP have abused the public’s trust & by overlooking Trump’s now-well-documented attempt to bribe & extort the leader of a foreign country for the value of several hundred million dollars in taxpayer money. All GOP save Romney failed miserably to keep their oath of service to our country when they became public servants, & failed like traitors to defend & protect & uphold the US Constitution. I’m here to say loud & clear: The GOP betrayed the public trust & are therefore unfit to lead, unfit for office & should be relieved of their duties & forced to resign en masse. Furthermore, in the interest of justice, I’m asking judicial relief to prevent them from further abusing their power & embezzling our taxpayer dollars, with absolutely no oversight: please order Congress to reinstate full funding of the Congressional Ethics Office again, so there may be proper oversight.

I am asking Your Honor to please expedite this case. We The People need immediate relief from this ‘tinpot dictatorship’, as Chomsky called it, in order to prevent more American deaths. Hundreds of thousands – probably millions – of American lives will be lost, if we don’t act NOW. These are wholly preventable deaths of my fellow Americans at the hands of this brutal dictatorial regime, which has somehow seized control of the levers of power in this country.

This brutal administration openly carries out concentration camps hidden around the country, not in our name but certainly using OUR taxpayer dollars! – to mete out such cruelty on the entire U.S. population that has rarely – if ever been seen carried out by our own, US government. Just this past week, he deployed federal agents from various agencies (42nd Airborne refused to carry out his blatantly unconstitutional demands of ‘siccing’ feds on American peaceably assembling – as is our constitutional rights to free speech, association & assembly – truly ‘fine people’ rallying in defense of black lives around the country, speaking out against horrific level of #policebrutality.

Trump calls us – peacefully organizing & demonstrating Americans – ‘thugs’, ‘anarchists’ & ‘terrorists’, which is actually ‘projection’, as it’s called in psychotherapy. Trump trumpets his hate speech now, fully emboldened & enabled by a a do-nothing Congress. In his ‘hate tweets’, he uses coded language to communicate with his racist supporters, to incite them to violence, to start a ‘civil war’ as he threatened via tweet. He incite his army of armed ‘Boogaloo Boys’ & such to attack us in the streets.

In veiled, racist language, he’s called for ‘a civil war’ to take place in this country, & has done his utmost to provoke conflicts; his actions go far past what is politely termed ‘devisive’ in the media. He has incited armed rebellion. This is SEDITION, & therefore TREASON, and, I argue, equivalent to #domesticterrorism. Mr. Trump is a white nationalist terrorist, & should be prosecuted as such on these grounds:

Mr. Trump incited armed rebellion against Michigan & Minnesota governors (who are Democratic, of course!) by tweeting “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!” & “LIBERATE MINNESOTA!” Then he lied to his supporters, falsely claiming those governors were ‘trying to take away our Second Amendment’ right to bear arms. Even Twitter censored him for ‘glorifying violence’. These governors were doing nothing of the kind, the issue had nothing to do with ‘taking away their right to bear arms. But armed Trump supporters, responding to his seditious calls, inciting violent, armed revolt overwhelmed governors & state legislatures, to the point where these white supremacist terrorist supporters of Mr Trump’s, stormed government buildings. These armed traitors were never charged; I’m asking injunctive relief to do so – charge them with trespassing & intimidation of government officials, & illegal use of firearms.

I’m asking Your Honor to consider these seditious, treasonous acts by our very own President of The United States as a form of domestic terrorism, whereby: victims” within a country are targeted by a perpetrator (mr. tRump) with the same citizenship” as the victims. Please sign an order for his immediate arrest & removal from office & imprisonment of him & his complicit officials while they await trial.

Furthermore, in the interest of the public’s safety & safeguarding us all in future from such predatory, dangerous & unnacceptable behavior from our elected officials, I’m asking Your Honor to make this serve as example & deterrent in future: disqualify mr. tRump from our elections, based on his insurrective, treasonous behavior like these examples, combined with all the other thousands of incidents of serious, grievous offenses against the public safety; against the interests of the Nation; for the sovereignty & protection of all of the States, & against all the considerations of health & safety & public welfare & well-being of the American People (except his crime family &the 1 percent, of course!

I motion for Your Honor to disqualify the Defendants from running for office in future, as he & his seditious ilk of administrators are perpetrators of countless – thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of cases – crimes & atrocities against humanity. Trump et al have effectively ‘disappeared’ thousands of immigrants & their children & torn up the lists so they cannot be accounted for. This is tantamount to kidnapping, & he should be investigated for human-trafficking, as hundreds of reports of sex abuse have surfaced from these individuals’ treatment. I also ask for those officials to be called to task to take responsibility for their part in this atrocity, Kierstjen Nielsen. The Trump Admin refuses to unite these families, in contempt of judicial orders to do so, so they should all be taken to jail. Countless times he has obstructed justice & instructed his entire administration to refuse to answer subpoenas – countless counts of obstruction of justice. Let them be treated like any other criminals who are guilty of contempt of court & contempt of the justice system.

His attorney general William Barr should be disbarred, removed & prosecuted for his role enabling Trump to illegally use our federal officers to violently attack peaceful protesters. Federal agents under trump’s command – therefore he is responsible for their criminal, illegal conduct as well as his own — were documented attacking three hundred journalists alone, according to the ACLU lawsuit. He used chemical weapons on us, too, a clear violation of the Geneva Convention rules. Several people died in BLM protests, if not by our police than by Trump supporters who typically weaponize their vehicles to run them into the crowd; the police, too have used their cars to attack crowds of peaceful protesters. Trump, according to insiders, has hired a second army of ‘volunteers’ – what he’d call ‘fine people’ – who attack police at peaceful BLM protests; individuals like ‘Umbrellaman’ have been filmed breaking dealership windows to set off riots, & identified. They are ‘agent provocateurs’ – or more accurately – terrorists that trump is ‘aiding & abetting’. Mr. Trump is ‘offering comfort & aid’ to – white supremacists, or domestic terrorists, they are one & the same – which whom he is coordinating attacks around the country. This is tantamount to treason, I want it to go down in the public record, in case Your Honor can provide injunctive relief to prevent this hardened & noxious criminal from further ruination of our country.

Time & time again, constantly, 24/7, we see a constant stream of atrocities coming out of the White House bunker, by a runaway criminal administration that boasts that it is above the law. Mr. Trump et al have unfettered, unrestrained & wholly unaccountable access to & control over the levers of power in this country, & nobody until now, at least, has been able to do anything to stop them or even slow down the onslaught.

as well as crimes against the environment by polluting our environment, relaxing all standards of water pollution while & against tribal nations & sovereignty. I’m encouraging Your Honor to sign an order the removal from office & the arrest of these individuals immediately; if it please Your Honor I volunteer my services as a Sergeant-at-Arms to coordinate such an arduous task, since these hardened criminals will surely not leave office without a huge fight. I suggest Your Honor order their imprisonment in federal maximum security prisons, until they get their fair trials. This Administration is directly responsible for disappearing thousands of children, destroying lists of their names so they are untrackable, refusing to reunite families of asylumseekers. This Administration holds us all captive to their capricious, & petty whims on a daily basis. Thank You, Your Honor, for acknowledging my First Amendment Constitutional right to have my grievances addressed in a court of law today. I will be brief & as concise as possible. In summary, I’m asking judicial relief in the form of either removing this criminal cabal from office, and at bare minimum rendering mr. tRump ineligible to run for re-election this year, based on a litany of criminal offenses — all which surely constitute in total what our Founding Fathers called ‘HIGH CRIMES & MISDEMEANORS’. I omit dates of some events & minor details that are all a matter of public record now. The evidence is in, all the evidence is a matter of public record in this case, & We The People — the citizenry of what used to be the United States – are all witnesses to these atrocities, abuses & grave offenses carried out willfully against the public interest, & on a daily basis. There is no escaping it, & mr. tRump’s incompetence has led to a BAN ON AMERICANS TRAVELING ABROAD! Who would have ever expected the richest, one of the most advanced countries in the world would have become such a pariah? Mr. tRump must be held responsible for ALL his actions, every last one of them. He uses his diplomatic immunity from prosecution as a wepon against us; he fires any Inspector Generals who get close to uncovering the extent of his heinous crimes, escaping accountability. And now he haseven violated even our Constitutional right to movement. While the nation reels from a deadly pandemic, this ‘killer’ Administration has exploited the crisis by pilfering billions of funds & distributing OUR taxpayer dollars to curry favor with their bankster friends & enrich themselves; mr. tRump & his GOP ‘sycho-phants’ (Chomsky term . In fact, I would ask Your Honor’s ruling to include elements of restitution toward the American people, who have been brutalized & traumatized by a cadre of corrupt public officials, whom Noam Chonsky, the world’s most illustrious scholar & most cited academic – describes as renegade n’er-do-wells? who eschew parliamentary politics. I ask Your Honor in advance to please recuse yerself if you are a Trump appointee, & to please expedite Your Honor’s decision, as this is not figuratively but truly a matter of life & death that you address this matter expeditiously. Under mr. tRump’s ‘leadership’ , this administration has — as a matter of public record — broken every single law imaginable. I will name a brief list here & 1000 later on in my filing; I name them in order of relevance to getting the kind of judicial relief being sought, as well as perhaps the most expedient, convenient & clear abuses of his position; namely, his & Pence’s willful & criminally neglect of their duties amid the coronavirus epidemic, which is now in full-swing & no end in sight – though he continues to force his ‘superspreader rallies’ & other events without regard for the lives of even his supporters. He refuses to wear masks in hospitals, & has continuously underplayed the gravity of this situation for months, refusing to help coordinate or provide protective gear (PPEs) for even our nation’s first responders. To this day, he is blocking funding for testing & contact tracing, which other countries have done to contain & even elimainate altogether the threat of this virus. He calls it by a racist epithet, ‘Kung Flu’, when in actuality is more like a plague. 150, 000 of my fellow Americans have needlessly perished due to the neglect of his duties, by a selfish, uncaring & frankly ‘bored’ individual with no interest in abating this national public health crisis, the worst, says Dr. Fauci – our nation’s most imminent medic, whom tRump has tried to fire for telling us the truth, since the 1918 Spanish Influenza. I studied epidemiology at Taipei Medical University& events like forcing Democrats to go to the polls & vote in-person during a pandemic, & purposely suppressing everyone’s vote by painting mail-in voting as ‘corrupt’, bankrupting the US Postal Service to prevent mail-in balloting, & replacing the Postmaster General with a hireling, who can obstruct, intercept or destroy ballots & their delivery, compromising our elections in this & a myriad of other ways. He has refused to say whether he would step down if his opponent wins, has repeatedly & publicly called these elections ‘rigged’ – which they are, actually, by the DNC as well (hence I have named them, too as Defendants in this case) I’m asking Your Honor today to put an injunction on these elections