Note to Kyrsten Sinema

@senatorsinema: how can u justify holding on to #JimCrowEra racist relic like the #filibuster? Please explain to all of your constituents in Arizona; the majority of them who want you to VOTE WITH YOUR PARTY to #KillTheFilibuster ! TRISTA4CHANGE.COM PS: it is disgusting u are sucking up to #MitchMcConnell on the filibuster issue! And that u decided to hang out w/#SenCorbyn – GQP in Texas- rather than CAST YOUR VOTE in Congress for the creation of #Jan6Commission!! You are useless Senator, #KyrstenSinema – and fortunately arizona voters can #ReplaceSinema next year with a #trueprogressive! Good riddance, man!! You should just CHANGE PARTY already ! Lol TRISTA4CHANGE.COM