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My Communications w/Trump right now!! :)

😂 HAHA! Pack yer bags 💼, sucker! 👋 we wanna see yer expression right now – the expression of the world’s SOREST LOSER! Wake up & hold a ‘presser’ ! 😂 We wanna see yer red eyes 👀 & POUTY, POTTY FACE 🙂 come on out, sunshine ☀️!! HAHA 😆 THE RATINGS WILL BE GREEAAAT!! […]

#Trista4Sheriff’s ‘Take’ on the #DemocraticNationalConvention2020

Enjoy! I’ll add more segments as I watch ‘em. https://anchor.fm/trista-di-genova-chang-pima-sheriff-candidate/episodes/Watch-DEMOCRATIC-NATIONAL-CONVENTION-wme–Trista4Sheriff-em1r4n Basically, the Dems did a pretty good job with their propaganda. Its appeal was aimed at especially moderate #rethuglicans -though there aren’t many of those. The #democrats & #DNC shoulda reached out to us #progressives instead of #sharting all over us, & using #PresidentSanders to […]