The Good Things Trump Has Done For Us – Answer on Quora

– July 30 –
That’s hard to say because he’s been such a disaster & demolition man, of everything we hold dear: our constitution, our freedoms, even our families, our international standing in the world. We cant even travel now!
I can think of one thing: now a lot of people -including tRump- know about Juneteenth! & the Tulsa Massacre, & the white massacre of 300 blacks, & Black Wall Street.
I personally have been touched by my fellow Americans as we are throw suddenly into a chaotic fascism created by ur president. I say God Bless the Wall of Moms, & the Disabled Vietnam vets, & above all, the BLM protesters who have put their lives on the line for all of us, to protect all our freedoms. The lawyers who work probono to help the protesters. The good people , the TRULY fine people of America. It is a radical minority of armed white supremacists that have been emboldened & empowered by this criminal administration.
Maybe one more- he helped us realize how broken & racist this patriarchal, ubercapitalist system is. He made our economy stop dead in its tracks. So now it is a good thing, actually, for self-reflection as a country. It is clear we have to TOTALLY restructure our society, including safeguard our voting system. I just made a podcast about 12 things we gotta do to fix our electoral system- or we’re screwed. It’s called STICK IT TO THE MAN SHOW w/Trista4SheriffAug4.
He’s lent a sense of urgency to the radical changes we need to make to ‘update’ our country.
Oh yeah, thanks to his overt racist acts, many confederate traitors’ sfatues have been taken down across the country, & even in Congress! Several christopher Columbus statues were removed! I think a lot of white people see now the extent of white supremacists infiltrating our police force, and the systemic, violent racism against blacks in particular. Now maybe a LOT of people realize the toxic, noxious influence of this Babylon system. And we won’t be fooled again. By a consummate conman & malignant narcissist, hopefully!