The US government had 6 mos to prepare a report telling us ‘all it knows’ about #ufos, or #uap – unidentified aerial phenomenon as its currently called. Although our stupid congress just gave them 174 BILLION; they came back with a fn 8pg ‘report’ that said absolutely nothing. #airborneclutter, they called it. This is fn outrageous insult to our #intelligence, and I propose we #defundandreform EVERYTHING; and especially #defundthepentagon. They embezzled 21 trillion from taxpayers and have carried out #blackops and #assassinations for too fn long now. Everybody should watch the #documentary #JFK to 911”- & I propose this as part of #newnationalcurriculum. 🇺🇸TRISTA4CHANGE.COM DID U KNOW??? OVER HALF OUR NATIONAL BUDGET GOES TO FN BLACK OPERATIONS EVERY YEAR! and our ‘defense’ budget is bigger than next 10 countries COMBINED !! AND WE STILL HAVE NO ACCOUNTABILITY FROM OUR OWN #militaryIndustrialcomplex. TIME TO STOP THE MADNESS! TRISTA4CHANGE.COM