It is pure fantasy to claim that a man who can’t read or write ✍️- & who has actually bankrupted CASINOS 🎰 😂 in the past, could somehow try to squeeze some credit out of the American 🇺🇸 economy. 
It seems absolutely daft to me when republicans try to claim that trump has somehow been ‘good for the economy’. Good for the economy? 😂 That is such delusional thinking, one of the purest examples imaginable of American insanity under this administration’s ‘leadership.’ 
The way I see it, 45 & the complicit GOP refused to uphold their oath of office in January, & acquitted him for his treachery; this only emboldened him! 
On the contrary, the trump administration has successfully carried out the Heist of The Century.

Businesses – at LEAST 1 in 5, which is an extremely conservative estimate have gone bankrupt in this country; most teeter on the edge of bankruptcy – MAJOR fast food companies or anything in the services industry, tourism or hospitality sectors. 
Except for very few entities – like Amazon & Netflix have either gone bankrupt or teetered on the edge of bankruptcy. 
Trump & his pirates have effectively hollowed out our economy, looted the nation’s coffers, essentially bankrupted our nation like one of his casinos (btw, What kind of financial black hole of a man could actually BANKRUPT a casino!? 😆 Usually it’s the other way around, isn’t it? )

Somehow, 70 million people bought the narrative that Trump has been somehow ‘good’ for the economy. I guess our ‘democratic’ institutions are broken, or weaker than we thought! 
Trillions in ‘stimulous’ aid has been passed by Congress, but with NO OVERSIGHT. Thus we see loyalists like Kanye West, getting $2.2 million in PPPloans, supposedly intended to help out small businesses.

A complicit Congress keeps passing bloated ‘defense’ budgets, as a form of corporate socialist bailouts for already filthy rich corporations like Boeing – just like the bank bailouts of the past.

Instead of taking this opportunity to restructure the economy, ALL of our so-called leaders have failed us all. Modern-day pirates- the .0000001 percenters like Jeff bezos, or slave drivers at Amazon, who don’t even have to pay 💰 employees hazard pay 💰- are the only ones thriving in the #TrumpVirus economy! 
Seriously, other countries are looking at us right now, wondering why we let these clowns 🤡 run amok. They obviously have malicious intent, &. none of them will stick their neck out to call #TRE45ON, or even censure this administration in the Congress for what has become their #DailyAtrocity. 
Trump habitually fires any #whistleblower & uses presidency as bully pulpit to even call for #sedition & #armedrebellion against governors like #Michigan’s #GretchenWhitmer, by tweet! 🐣

Other countries w/responsible leadership on the economy actually -smartly- tied aid to RETAINING workers. Instead, in America 🇺🇸 we force them to work during what trump called ‘a plague’ feb7 in a recorded conversation w/#BobWoodward the (of Nixon watergate fame). 
Other developed countries already have some form of universal, ‘socialized’ medicine, when Trump & his cronies employ old Mccarthyist tactics of the 1950s to turn even the notion of ‘social programs’ into a dirty word. For ex. Sen. Kelly Loeffler prefaced every answer in a debate with #RevWarnock with ‘My RADICAL SOCIALIST Opponent ….” & GOP fundraising routinely use the Specter of Socialism’ because it apparently works to brainwash ‘cult45’ followers! This is how the GOP browbeats americans to vote against their best interests!

To those who think ‘social programs’ are communist, I’d say TURN OFF THE FOX – it is turnin’ yer brain 🧠 into mush!!

Basically, it’s all a form of MIND CONTROL & Fox ‘news’ BRAINWASHING to villainize democratic concepts like looking out for the poor, & not just the rich. What we see in America 🇺🇸 today is how the strategy of DIVIDE AND CONQUER has pretty much crushed us all.

While other countries 🇹🇼 🇸🇬 🇨🇺 showed the virus 🦠 can be contained in *120 days*, america 🇺🇸 has effectively been on lockdown for a year.

Other, responsible leaders of many countries provide their citizens with $2000/a MONTH to prevent the type of economic disaster we see in the USA 🇺🇸; and our ‘leaders’ have the gall to quibble about $600 for a goddamn year? Scandalous!

We can’t even go out or have dinner anymore, or TRAVEL, anywhere!! BECAUSE of this administration’s stoking the fire 🔥 & shameless promotion of NOT wearing a mask 😷 as somehow ‘patriotic’- thus, the #TrumpVirus rages out of control & kicks 🦵 our collective arses.

On tRump’s watch, 62 million are currently UNEMPLOYED; half of all households. This is a conservative estimate, since this administration uses North Korean tactics on propaganda to under-report that, too. As a social scientist, I’ve watched as the USG routinely purge people from unemployment benefits so they can keep their ‘numbers low’, like their Secretaries of State did to purge black people from voter registration rolls (see BBC’s Greg Palast’s work on this). 
Over 12 million LOST their healthcare when they lost their job. Then they are being driven to go to work even while they’re SICK, thus SPREADING the infection like wildfire. 
Case in point mr 🍊 🤡 enacted the DPA (Defense Production Act) – NOT to ramp up mask 😷 production, as other, responsible Leaders do- but he only did it to FORCE poor POC, mostly immigrant workers back to the meat-processing plants! I for one, my friends, find such heartlessness SICKENING, INEXCUSABLE & INTOLERABLE behavior from our elected officials!

This administration has done absolutely NOTHING to protect us during the plague of the century – even sabotaged national pandemic response efforts by blocking funding for testing, contact tracing or even supplying our nations first responders with PPE!

Thus, we saw the outrageous symptoms of this uncaring neglect of our government when nurses and hospital workers were basically sacrificed to the cruel and sadistic whims of a trumpian mal-administration. Where was Congress when our nations nurses & doctors 🥼 were literally wearing trash bags as PPE to protect themselves and their patients! 
DISGUSTING 🤮 betrayal of the American people. Guess they don’t call him #PresidentJimJones for nothin’!

We are not powerless; just traumatized from the daily Sh+tstorm of corruption oozing out of that disgusting swamp in DC!

I wonder, Why aren’t lawyers counter-suing teamtrump, for HIS #electionfraud & blatant sabotage of early voting & ballot theft through the USPS that the world 🌎 witnessed? Why aren’t they charged with #TRE45ON & bioterrorism for their UN-American actions?

I strongly urge we hold these traitors and terrorists accountable. Demand their immediate removal & prosecution! 🇺🇸 Congress: 202–224–3121

Our politicians have RUN AMOK & Amerikkka is in full throes right now of a modern-day Hitler