Noor Mohamed wants an answer to:
How come Donald Trump, being the wealthiest president ever, is talking of rigged elections and his political opponents spying on his campaigns?

TRISTA: Firstly, he defrauded his way onto Forbes list (claiming his father’s wealth as his own & inflating value of his assets); & his wealth whilst in office is illegally begotten & should be seized & returned to the public when he is put safely behind bars.
Second, he’s a paranoid narcissist who has a habit of ‘bait & switch’ tactics, like making assertions & then denying ever having made them; or saying the opposite the very next day. He’s been caught lying to the public over 20,000 times, according to Politico. He’s also fond of projecting onto others the very type of criminal behaviors & activities he himself is carrying out- it’s a way to deflect attention from himself. This guy is down for starting wars or assassination of generals to change the focus of the news cycle. That, and character assassination as a way of bullying his way through life. He’s like a juggernaut of criminality; a veritable sh+Tstorm. A modern-day Nazi; in fact, his campaign literature and twitter feed are littered with neonazi references, symbolism & associations; Facebook just took one down for using Nazi symbol.

And to answer the part of your question about why he’s talking about rigged elections, there’s a dual purpose to this. One, they ARE rigged; he’s staying the obvious to the delight of his hardcore alt-right supporters and chagrin of his detractors that Democratic primaries are rigged. Over and over he said that DNC is rigging elections against #PresidentSanders ‘just like in 2016’. Fact is, there was blatant election fraud for all to see in Iowa caucuses, for example. But equally importantly, he’s talking about ‘rigged elections’ because he is setting the stage for what he is planning to do in November’s elections. To this purpose, his ‘corrupted DOJ’ as boogaloo boy described it, is laying down legal path towards calling another bogus national emergency based on these ‘rigged elections’; that is if it becomes clear he can’t win the popular vote. He’s expert at working & manipulating & relies almost exclusively on those polls. On that, he’s expert; like manipulating public health data right now on COVID-19 deaths. If the statistics are invisible, then he can ‘prove’ this pandemic does not exist, in his twisted, psychotic mind.
By the way, we ALL can read his mind, if we wanted to go to that dark place. We all can read the signs that he is so clearly sending us, through his words, actions ‘ symbolism. Whether or not we choose to acknowledge these facts is totally up to each of us as individual. Even if we refuse to admit what we KNOW is going on (utter Nazism by Hitleresque Chaos artist), it’s STILL GOING ON. On subconscious level, we KNOW this guy is as about as nefarious as it gets.
So by setting the stage with comments about the rigged elections, it is possible for him to lose the election but still stay in power. There’s an interesting recent article (was it NY mag?) that lays this possible nightmare scenario: He declares national emergency -either for rigged elections or covid or both, it doesn’t matter exactly what grounds- then the electoral college can’t cast THEIR ballots to steal another damn election from the American people-& the elections are thrown to the state legislatures, which are, of course, Republican-dominated, slightly. They would vote for Trump back in office, if they could, so they can all together continue looting and pillaging our economy and abusing their positions of power.
It’s important to point out, that Mr Trump has defunded & essentially privatized the post office – they run out of funds in a few months – whilst installing his friend as new postmaster who could ostensibly control whether mail ballots are delivered; PLUS, (sigh) he’s fighting tooth and nail to prevent mail-in balloting or attempts to ensure mail-in balloting in November as a means of vote suppression. As a matter of FACT, Dear Leader stated publicly – a matter of public record thus easily proved in court- his comment that ‘Republicans would never win any elections’ if more people were able to vote by mail.
To put a nail in the coffin ⚰️ of Free & fair elections, he’s stated he would suspend congress – so this is one argument against not starting a much-deserved second round of impeachment proceedings: he’d probably accuse congress of another ‘witch hunt’ & get his armed thugs to storm congress members’ offices- again. However, say Congress should do the right thing, regardless of whether they’re making $ hand-over-fist in campaign donations right now; or whether or not he incites another rebellion; and if he DOES suspend congress, then maybe that would galvanize them to get off their complacent arses and get rid of this kkkriminal mal-administration. As @pimasheriff candidate, I would personally volunteer as sergeant-at-arms to go round up all those white-collar criminals that are RUNNIN’ amok in Washington.
I think He wants to be The Last President (did he plant that Ingersoll Lockwood book in the Library of Congress, I wonder?). If we’re not careful & we just expect 2020 elections to go without considerable i Yer Defence and rigging of his own, we’re screwed, because he has so many tricks up his sleeve. If we don’t put up a huge fight on our own to protect what’s left of our democracy/republic, and mount our own campaign to defeat him once and for all – #LockThemAllUP & He has shown how he can Neutralize the press – by shouting out his critics viciously & publicly calling for them to lose their jobs. By stacking the federal courts with infra-conservative judges he’s also investing in his future ability to get off easily or lightly or altogether in all these mountains of lawsuits stacking up against him for when he is finally out of office and can’t use shield of presidential immunity any longer to do basically whatever the hell he wants.
So that is one reason why I’m running for sheriff. If everybody elects me sheriff, I can be America’s Plan B. Elect me sheriff aug4 (or Nov3) & I will personally take it upon myself to #DrainTheSwamp4Realz.
Because this swamp monster has successfully gotten away with a gy-Normous amount of crimes already- and destroyed all of our democratic institutions and short-circuited the checks and balances system by stacking it with his lapdogs & PICs – I reckon he just might succeed in stealing this election, too.

And the Democraps as I call ‘em are ‘dialing for the same dollars 💵’ as the Rethuglicans, & HAVE rigged OUR elections again, putting forward another, very weak candidate indeed.

Michael Moore calls these corporate democrats like Biden, Hillary etc as ‘Republican lite’. They are rakin’ in the dough big-time, capitalizing on our hatred of Trump & our fears about this kkkuntry not being able to handle another four years of this madness. They’re collecting so much $ in campaign donations right now, FAT CHANCE they will do the right thing to save millions of American lives and the US economy: #ImpeachAGAIN; & #Trump4Prison & #LockThemAllUp. What we really need to do, imho is put Trump, Pence (& Mnuchin) safely behind bars, & then we’ll have #PresidentPelosi! Our first woman president ! How cool would that be!! 🙂

Fact is, our Busted two-party system is more of a corporate, vampiristic hegemony & both parties have nearly destroyed our country.