This is an important question, because we know from Mary Trump’s book that he will NOT go without fussing & fighting.
In Trump’s world, he would NEVER : 1) Resign – unless forced to, somehow; 2) Concede to Joe Biden. Because he said on Fox he wouldn’t.
First of all, he was described by his own sister, Mary the Federal judge as ‘CRUEL’; “HE HAS NO PRINCIPLES.’
In Mary L Trump’s (his niece) recent blockbuster tell-all book, could have been titled THE NATURE OF THE BEAST.
Mary, a clinical psychologist, said her uncle Donald Jackass Trump meets all the diagnostic criteria of: A CLASSIC NARCISSIST; ANTI-SOCIAL (which explains all the ‘mean’ things he does); A SOCIOPATH (like his father Fred Trump, the one who rioted against police in KKK garb in New York, 1927; which trump also LIED about); & Ms. Trump says he has a DEPENDENCY DISORDER making him very susceptible to basically any thug who get in his earshot). And finally, she notes Trump has an “UNDIAGNOSED LEARNING DISORDER’. This explains why he wrote ZILINKI on his notes, when he had a breakdown over bribing Zelensky, as he was screaming, ‘There was no quid pro quo, no quid pro quo, no quid pro quo!” banking on if he said a lie enough times, the World would swallow it; which it did! Because he’s still there, colonizing OUR bunker!
He will do everything he can think of to stay in power – legal or illegal, criminal, unethical, unconstitutional A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G – take it from behind from Putin again, whatever lol 😂 because he is TERRIFIED about the AVALANCHE of litigation against him, too. He won’t leave without being dragged kicking & screaming like the spoilt, nasty child of a man that he is. Enfant terrible. He already bankrupted the postal service so we can’t vote by mail, & sacked the Postmaster & replaces with campaign contributor, who’s already slowed the mail down & can ‘disappear’ or delay ballots as necessary in Nov. He already floated the idea by tweet of delaying the elections. And he’s already called the elections ‘rigged’ numerous times. He’s setting it up so that he can cancel the elections and stay in power by emergency powers, indefinitely. Of course, there is therefore NO INCENTIVE on his part to contain the epidemic, which explains why he & his cabal actively obstruct attempts to contain the virus; we already have several other countries’ example to contain it.
He has abused his power to declare national emergency 🚨 a couple times already, probably he’ll use that power again, especially if he’s losing. He could just cancel the elections due to covid, then continue killing us in the millions and never stepping down. That’s what he wants. He wants to be our forever king 👑 trump. That is his fantasy. Unfortunately, his GOP lackeys seem to want this madness to continue.
What to do? everybody call Congress 202 224 3121 & Demand they #ImpeachAgain.
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Trista DiGenova-Chang
Write-in Candidate, Pima County Sheriff Nov.3

(Originally published Aug. 8 on Quora, here with added comments)