tRump’s DISASTROUS covid response SHOULD impact his chances of winning 2020 election

Trump’s criminally negligent handling of the coronavirus pandemic should – in a normal & just world – tank his chances of re-election. Problem is, he’s willing and capable of ANYTHING & everything, whether criminal, illegal, unconstitutional to assure his success in ‘winning’ another term. He’s also intensely motivated to avoid the avalanche of litigation awaiting him when he leaves office. He will and is doing his damnedest to ensure Americans cannot have fair and free & safe elections; for instance, trying to brand mail-in voting as ‘corrupt’ when he himself makes use of it. For this reason (his ruthless criminality in depriving us all of our rights), I’d say that every day democrats don’t launch more impeachment hearings, the more they, too are complicit in this madness, & the more blood they have on their hands.