Tweet to ALL Fox networks, telling ‘em to GFY

@GOP really kicks our ASS

Oh big fn deal, @foxnews- way to make 🏔 outta molehill. U really should be sued for ALL YER WORTH, for #fraud-callin’ yerself ‘news’. @FoxNews is NOT news-it’s entertainment & #disinfo that #misinforms & #polarizes & #stultifies public debate. So #GFY arseholes. Yer =#goebbels

Yeah but dumbarses, Biden won trump by almost 5 MILL VOTES overall. So GET OVER IT, SORE LOSERS. Btw, thanks #fox-calling #Arizona for #Biden😂 idk why, since yer his mouthpiece but it really pissed him off royally haha 👍. Never thought I’d thank u 4 anything, but there ya go