UPenn: REVOKE TRUMP’S BA – ‘cuz he’s full of BS!

Hey 👋 #WhartonBusinessSchool – by now, you must have heard how assface Nazi-dump CHEATED TO GET INTO yer University’s undergrad program.
According to @MaryLTrump’s mega-bestseller, #TooMuchAndNeverEnough, #Trump hired someone named #AlShapiro to take his SATs for him.


Hiring someone to take your entrance exams is #cheating, #fraudulent behavior that must not be condoned nor tolerated lest it stain your university’s reputation as a #prestigious institution of learning. .
Moreover, his sister Mary, the #federaljudge enabled this fraudulent behavior – she admitted to doing all of #BabyTrump’s homework for him.
What kind of terrible example is that, #UPenn? Are you going to do NOTHING in response this this fraudulent POS sullying your good name?
if I were you, I’d send him a #CeaseAndDesist order, from claiming he graduated from #WhartonBusinessSchool, & threaten litigation, too- some free, #UnsolicitedLegalAdvice! 🙂

Moreover, please CLARIFY: Did he threaten to sue you if you released Trump’s #AcademicTranscripts? Please confirm or deny!
And you should clarify: Trump is NOT telling the truth to say or imply he graduated from #Wharton.
You could, for example, turn this into a #TeachingMoment: not undergrads but only GRADS are able to claimed they ‘went to Wharton’ – otherwise, he is doing irreparable damage by making these #fraudulent claims.

#UPenn- You MUST respond, now!! Otherwise, you join the long line of enablers who NEVER TAKE THIS FRAUD to Task for his ‘mistakes‘!

You must #DISCIPLINE them- both Trump AND #AlShapiro, who was apparently a student there as well.

Revoke Trump’s undergraduate diploma from #UniversityOfPennsylvania! He’s #LYING every time he claims to have gone to #WhartonBusinessSchool; that is only for #GradStudents, your business school!

So you must #ProtectYourBrand, #UPenn; #REVOKEtRumpsBA- because he’s full of BS!!