F EM ALL, these enemies of the American public ! @fox ‘news’ was #complicit in #GQP fn #conspiracy to #overthrowthegovernment on #Jan6! I’ve long maintained NOT throwing these FFs in prison for #tre45on only emboldens them!! And now, #WeThePeople need to learn to ‘fall in love w/saying no’, as #MichaelTsarion eloquently put it.
Say NO to their continuing to hold public office; not just for their #betrayal of our interests, but b/c they are fn #criminals of #insidertrading.
Where’s the @aclu when u need em?
When I’m @potus, we shall bring in @aclu_nationwide to run the #justicedepartment & law enforcement. Arent u guys sick and tired of this BS? Con artists gone wild in this kkkuntry; & no ones locking them up!?
What about holding stock in #Regeneron, mfrs?? @drrandpaul @govabbott @flgovrondesantis ?? RSVP, FFs!!
& @dougducey tried to give 100 million in #Arizona taxpayers money to his buddies in Texas as corporate refund, so they’d back his presidential bid for 2024! Well guess what, douche!! I’m running against you; and I’m against you running for President! Yer #UNFITaf!!
#Scandals & goddamn #TRE45ON like what we are ALL WITNESSING SHOULD NOT – MUST NOT BE TOLERATED!!
The fact that @repboebert @repmtg @joshhawleymo & others are STILL RUNNIN’ FREE to terrorize us all should NOT BE TOLERATED!
We need to TAKE THE MIC 🎤🎤AWAY FROM THE GODDAMN TERRORIST! #Shutdownfox! Break up the #corporatemediamonopoly! #Defundandreformeverything! If u agree, DEMnd these frs #RESIGNNOW! We cannot wait til a half-million more Americans die from #tRumpvirus! @washingtonpost @kellyloefflerofficial @colbertlateshow #davidpurdue @aclu

Hi 👋@potus/@FLOTUS, as #presidentialcandidate2024, I call on u to do the following to save our country from the nefarious interests now plaguing the entire planet: https://t.co/vkd0K9Wt6v
If u don’t, no big surprise because w/all due respect yer part of the problem. TRISTA4CHANGE.COM #ViralVideo

PS: HAVE THE #JusticeDepartment Sue 45 for #domesticterrorism! That’s what I would do!!

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https://gofund.me/64fcfa1d I JUST STARTED RAISING 10 MILLION SO @ACLU CAN SUE tRUMP 😊 FOR TRE45ON!! 😁