We Haven’t Had This Piss-Poor ‘leadership’ Since Nero!

KVOA asked yesterday our thoughts on Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s mask mandate. I think he obviously doesn’t know what he’s doing, because he’s doing way too little, too late. He closed & then re-opened the economy, without having any adequate system in place to protect us, the public, from another spike in infections.
Gov. Doucey has proven he is just a lackey of this criminal mal-administration by his actions. He has been blocking (democratic women, of course!) mayors like Phoenix’s Kate Gallego & Tucson’s own Regina Romero from mandating wearing masks in public.
This obstruction Doucey dishes out makes him criminally complicit with our president, by blocking & withholding funding & life-saving protective gear that could help mitigate this public health disaster.
Neither Doucey nor Trump has ever uttered the words ‘contact tracing’ & only mandated masks five MONTHS after epidemic began! Scandalous! Outrageous!
If they aren’t removed from office immediately, they will succeed in their stated ‘goal’ of “2.2 million” American lives lost to the covid virus- all needlessly.
Why do Americans put up with this blatant malice of intent from our elected officials? They are literally killing us with their incompetence.
According to Vanity Fair report, Trump & his crime family syndicate, enabled by GOP leadership, don’t mind one bit if ‘blue states’ die off!
Then again, Mr. Trump doesn’t care if even his own supporters get infected & die, judging from the way he insists on holding his ‘superspreader rallies’.
We haven’t had this piss-poor of leadership since Nero.
Everybody should call Congress 202 224 3121 & demand these ‘leaders’ are removed immediately, including Pence, for criminal & willful neglect of their duties.
Then we would have #PresidentPelosi at the helm, who no doubt like other women leaders in this international crisis, handle the virus perfectly well, eradicating and/or containing it, with a modicum of deaths.
Several other countries like New Zealand, SKorea, Taiwan 🇹🇼, now Cuba 🇨🇺 have returned to normal economic functioning.

Trista diGenova-CHANG
Masters, Taipei Medical University; MSt, Oxford University
Candidate for @pimasheriff, AZ Governor & Progressive Party POTUS

‪You should step down, Douchey, or be FORCED to step down over this criminal negligence, incompetent! 🩸 on yer hands!