What will happen by 2024, if Trump gets to serve a second term?

Millions will die from a combination of his genocidal policies. There will be more death camps, hundreds of thousands of his critics will ‘disappear’ – whisked away and buried in mass graves. It’s all a part of the 1 percent’s ‘depopulation plan’. He will kill as many of us as possible. We still won’t be able to leave, escape. And nobody will be able to come in, or save us. It’ll be a total police state. The Portland innocents swept away by men in camouflage in unmarked vans is just a small sign of the outright gestapo tactics that will be carried out on a daily basis. There will be No schools. Only private charter schools for the privileged kids of the richest of Republicans. The racist Nazis will have won everything they wanted. Only the 1 percent will be able to afford the vaccine. Congress will be suspended permanently. There will be Curfews. People violating curfews will disappear & be executed. All immigrants will be deported- Trump will personally decide if the ones who are allowed to stay here in the US are ‘hot enough’. He’ll have a new, younger wife and try to have more kids, but his baldness medication makes him impotent. 👏 He’ll sell off Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 for a pittance. The amazon Forest will be razed, totally. He’ll be fatter but he’s got the vaccine, so he and his favorite inner circle of loyalists/racists won’t die of covid. He’ll deport or kill all the Latinos. He’ll publicly lynch blacks for a new reality tv show especially for racist kkk supporters like him. The African Americans who can afford to pay him enough $ will get sent back to Africa. He’ll continue sex-trafficking little kids around the world. He’ll feel pretty good about himself, overall, ‘cause he crowned himself king like Napoleon. He feels accomplished because he’s always wanted to be king. There will be no critics left; he’ll assassinate all the judges who get in his way and stack the rest of the courts so he can change the laws without the public or congress or voting, and crown himself our FOREVER KING