OPED – By Trista di Genova-CHANG

https://trista4change.com/who-gave-trump-the-get-outta-jail-free-4ever-card/. OPED – By Trista di Genova-CHANG

Like many people, I’m sure, I am VERY concerned about the state of the world today- & especially about my country 🇺🇸, America. I’ve lived, studied & worked in many countries as an international scholar (#Oxford), graduate researcher (Stockholm University), educator (Taipei Medical University) & newspaper journalist. Never have I seen my country in such danger ⚠️ from one particular person. We all know by now – or at least SHOULD know– how mentally & morally unfit this president really is. If you don’t see what a morally depraved person this is by now – terrorizing all 300 + million of us – then, my friends, I would argue you must be one or a combination of all these factors; 1) brainwashed by #Faux ‘news’ likely, into a state of denial, against your own safety & best interests; or 2) RACIST, so that you agree with his homicidal & unconstitutional policies & excuse all manner of criminal activities on the part of YOUR president; or 3) maybe you are of EXTREMELY LIMITED INTELLIGENCE. Of course, there is also a large segment of the US population that wants NOTHING to do with the corruption & madness & insanity coming out of Washington these days. My point is: WE CANNOT, MUST NOT & SHOULDN’T WAIT TIL JAN. 20 to get rid of #PresidentJimJones. He’s already killed 300,000 of us & disappeared 25,000 immigrant kids- for whatever his nefarious purposes are. We cannot tolerate his perfidy & criminal, homicidal intent ONE MORE SECOND in office! As candidate for sheriff, governor & prez: LET ME BE THE FIRST TO CALL #TREASON & #DomesticTerrorism, & FOR HIS IMMEDIATE OUSTER & PROSECUTION! I hold no law degree, but I DEMAND THE DEATH PENALTY BE SOUGHT! He has USED UP all his presidential privileges & claims to immunity. He has BETRAYED THE PUBLIC TRUST – COUNTLESS TIMES, every day & twice in Sunday -literally! — & abused his office as the president, for : #TREASON, #TERRORISM – against sitting governors like @GovWhitmer- #BIOTERRORISM – in his CRIMINAL WILFUL NEGLECT against all of us during this #TrumpVirus! Any law you can name, & he has ‘broke’ it – no doubt, GLEEFULLY! I have called ALL impeachment managers SEVERAL TIMES – they refuse to do their job & impeach – #ImpeachAGAIN & AGAIN, & as many times as it takes to flush a petty tyrant out of office! 💩 💩 We the people of America 🇺🇸 WANT DONALD TRUMP GONE ! NOW !! REMOVED FROM OFFICE !! NOW!!! & THROWN IN PRISON !!! Now!!! Only then can we Make America 🇺🇸 Safe Again.
BUT: Nobody in Congress seems to have the BALLS ⚽️ 🏀 to say ENOUGH !! They should band together and STAND UP FOR US, & STAND UP AGAINST THIS TYRANT, whose destruction is tantamount to that of a HOMICIDAL MANIAC!! Why is this guy allowed to break every law we got on the books, fire all the good people & incite violence against truthtellers & #whistleblowers? Who gave President Donald Jackass tRump this Permanent Get Outta Jail Free Card? @ABC @PBS @MSNBC @FOX @Maddow @Huffpost @NewYorker @nytimes @latimes @tucsonstar #Breaking #oped #opinion @comedycentral @azcentral

check it & book 📖 it! Newspapers won’t publish any TRUTH, because all the news anchors & outlets are run by CIA assets! That’s the REAL reason we have SHITE media in this country 🇺🇸