Why America pokes its nose in other countries’ affairs

(Response to Quora question)
America is ‘poking’ its nose in other countries’ affairs’, to put it lightly, quite simply because the United States has been seized by a brutal & fascist dictatorship. America has long ‘poked its nose’ in the affairs of other countries, because the men in charge of this country are expansionist & greedy to the point where they don’t give a damn if they destroy the environment & indigenous population of say, Brazil, through the guise of their corporatist agenda. These are ‘‘economic hitmen’ as they’re called (see Perkins book, ‘confessions of an economic hitman’) . To these ‘people’ no amount of power or money is enough- they must have it all. And right now, mr trump has manipulated every possible way to stay in power & will continue to do so; he knows once he leaves office he will face an AVALANCHE of lawsuits. And the do-nothing Democrats are just ‘waiting til November elections’, erroneously believing we WILL have elections. What they need to do is show some courage & cajones & remove this evil swamp monster – Call 202 224 3121 & demand reps #ImpeachAgain. Trista4change.com