Why aren’t we taking claims of Biden corruption seriously?

I think it’s a combination of the low standards Americans have for their elected officials, as well as the FACT that all these accusations against the ‘corruption’ of #Hunter & #JoeBiden are coming from the #WhiteHouse – which is currently being held by The Most Corrupt (UN)-President in US History. 

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#APSA – #AmericanPoliticalScienceAssociation made up of BIPARTISAN presidential scholars & historians, rated Trump #WorstUSPresident of all! 

tRump has no moral authority, basically to accuse his enemy -again of corruption, when he is the most corrupt of them all !

Besides, #OrangeClown is the one who almost got impeached & removed from office for bribing/extorting a foreign leader – a traitor to his country, basically- to ‘get dirt on Joe Biden’. 

Probably most American voters are starting to see this pattern of dirty tricks for themselves, & just start to ignore it. Burnout, #Trumpfatigue, whatever you wanna call it – ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ sort of thing. Nobody believes him anymore, after he told us 20,000 lies ! (#Politico)

Moreover, the ‘evidence’ to prove this alleged corruption of Biden & son is being planted by obviously dubious sources like #Giuliani! In the #NewYorkPost – a conservative rag that mr assface 🍊 🤡 must be friends with their editor. We know he has a long history of ‘planting’ stories in the media.

But #WeThePeople are starting to get smarter – we CHECK SOURCES for this REAL #fakenews – & keep in mind, like former #UNAmbassador #SusanRice said – a lot of sources for ‘leaks’ are trump himself! 

And finally, who can take this arsehole seriously when he can’t even pronounce ‘Burisma’ ?