Why Bob Unanue, CEO of Goya Foods, is DETESTABLE for supporting Trump

Mr. trump has been carrying out atrocities and crimes against humanity against the Latinx community, in the form of cruel policies, like family separations at border – then even lying about it thru his lackeys. Thousands of children are missing right now. The Trump Administration has tried to destroyed the lists of at least 7500 children, probably succeeded.
Trump Nazi apologists try to ‘blame Obama’ for having supposedly carried on same policy, but no he didn’t. This is first time basically concentration camps have been held on US soil since the Japanese internment camps during WWII.
Then this mal-admin refuses to let in ICC investigators; they know what they’re doing is wrong. Twenty days is length of time for lawful detainment of asylum seekers. This kkkriminal admin ignores that, detains them indefinitely, years. Cruel beyond belief.
Mr trump just ordered (mostly poor & Latino) meatpackers at Tyson’s and others to go back to work in covid Hotspots; he obviously wants Latinx community to get infected and all die.
So the head of Goya – which produces a lot of condiments & food products for Mexican cuisine- kissing trump’s butt is repulsive to all who have any respect for their fellow human beings, let alone the Latinx community.