Why do Americans put up with all of Trump’s sh+t?

If I were Gov. Whitmer or any Governor for that matter, Trump & his regime of arseholes woulda been in jail a while ago. And if I were in Congress, I’d NAIL ‘em ALL with 1001 – or by now a MILLION & ONE fn #impeachmentarticles. I’m sure one of ‘em woulda stuck by now !!

I was never 👎 much of an #Obama fan since his 1st job outta college he worked for war criminal #Kissinger; he was the deporter-in-chief & carried out lotsa drone strikes on innocent people in other countries … but after these 4 LONG YEARS OF HELL, wow 😳 even I miss Obama !!! Remember how he had such a great sense of #HUMOR?? Remember how he was so #thoughtful & #insightful & #diplomatic, #eloquent & a #goodDad & never crass or STOOOPID or RACIST or a BLATANT CRIMINAL like this fn Traitor-in-thief !? Why on god’s good earth 🌍 should we allow this 🍊 clown 🤡 Nazi ass POS remain in office another 2 MONTHS – so he can kill another quarter-million of us with his #treachery, start another war, or be allowed to loot & pillage & sell us all out & deny PPE to hospitals & 1st responders, even? SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME: why the F do Americans put up with this POS? In other countries they DEMAND THEIR ‘leaders’ RESIGN!! They go show up and shout him out!! And they don’t go home till those frs are taken away in cuffs! All of these CORRUPTAF & dangerous criminals should be DRIVEN OUTTA OFFICE AND INTO JAIL- like YESTERDAY, man !!! Why isn’t anyone else in America 🇺🇸 speaking up for all the dead 💀?? All those – 300,000 dead 💀 Americans were PREVENTABLE DEATHS ! Omg 😱 Americans are so DUMB!! We cant wait til Jan 20th! We gotta put our foot down & demand #EnMasseResignation! And DONT TAKE NO for an answer!! #LockThemAllUP #Trump4Prison CALL ☎️ CONGRESS IMPEACHMENT MANAGERS 202 224-3121