Why does Trump lie so much & say crazy stuff all the time?

I think he lies and makes up so much stuff because Donald Trump is what’s called a ‘‘pathological liar’. It’s like he is incapable of telling the truth. Politico has caught him out telling over 20,000 lies, & that’s just the three years he’s been in office.
People who are narcissists like Trump – & there are lots of them, they run Wall Street and our political establishment, currently – enjoy hearing the sound of their own voice, without any regard for the truthfulness of its content, & being in the most powerful position in the world seems to make Trump drunk & high on himself.
People who’ve worked for Trump speak to his colossal ignorance but as a narcissist he can’t admit – ever – he is wrong. You may have noticed he takes absolutely NO responsibility for 141,000 deaths of Americans that were totally preventable; he even just said the other day he was ‘bored’ with the coronavirus. Not only is this man heartless, this is gross and criminal neglect of his presidential duties, for which he should be thrown in jail with the likes of Pence, if we were to Make America Safe Again.
Meanwhile Trump blocks funding for testing, & even just signed an order to divert death statistics AWAY from CDC, in hopes of making the death toll invisible.
Trump’s personality type is described by medical professionals as ‘‘narcissistic psychopath’. Basically he doesn’t care about anyone but himself; he’s much more concerned with keeping up appearances- of being right all the time, of being ‘tough’. That’s why he’s drawn to other dictators like N Korea’s Kim Jung-Un, India’s Modi, China’s Xi or Brazil’s Bolsonaro; he resonates especially with dictators, learns a lot about what he can get away with, & exchanges favors with them- say, looking away from Xi’s concentration camps for the Uighurs or crackdowns on Hong Kong 🇭🇰 for maybe some trade deal that will make him look good for upcoming elections.
People who know him say he has no empathy; when White House reporter asked if trump had any words of comfort to the families of Americans who’ve died from covid-19, trump attacked the reporter as asking a ‘‘stupid question’.
Jim Jones, the cult leader who induced or forced at gunpoint to ‘‘drink the poisoned koolaid’ also shares this type of malignant psychopathic personality. Jim Jones was a very charismatic, far more intelligent & ostensibly good-looking church leader.
When Jim Jones was a boy, he would kill cats so could ‘officiate’ their funeral. I wonder if Trump also used to carry out acts of animal cruelty. He certainly doesn’t give a damn about any of us, his fellow Americans. Other people are just something to be used, to psychopathic narcissists like trump. Expendable.
And another reason he states false information is he figures that he can get away with whatever, because as sitting president he can’t be tried in the court of law. I personally think he wants to be caught; like mass murderers, they start to get ‘sloppy’ and make mistakes, too confident they won’t get caught & others are ‘stupid’ for NOT catching him & throwing him in jail & throwing away the key 🔑.
And after narrowly being acquitted during impeachment trial this year, he was emboldened to do whatever he damn well pleases.
Another reason he lies all the time and makes up crazy stories and attacks people and institutions is to DISTRACT us; during impeachment hearings, for instance he actually tried to start a war with Iran 🇮🇷 to kind of ‘change the subject’. It’s called ‘‘Wag the Dog’ strategy; named after the film which is about how Clinton manufactured a conflict in former Yugoslavia to distract the public from HIS impeachment hearings.
And finally, Mr trump figures if he throws enough crazy stuff at us every day, there’s no way we can keep up with the avalanche of criminality.
And so far, he’s right, and has pretty much gotten away with every damn law imaginable.
Naomi Klein calls it another type of ‘‘Shock Doctrine’. In psychological terms, all of America is effectively paralyzed, immobilized by their fears and the constant stream of traumatic events coming from the White House.
I’ve often thought ALL Americans should get reparations for all the trauma our government has put us through, especially the last 3 years! We should #defundEverything, the police, the military, the pentagon, the White House, & start from scratch! Time to build another society, ’cause this one’s totally busted, thanks to these clowns 🍊 🤡!
Trista diGenova-CHANG
Official write-in Pima sheriff candidate who promises if elected, to #LockThemAllUP & #DrainTheSwamp4Realz!