Wtf! There is NOTHING MORE IMPRTANT THAN VOTING ON CREATION OF JAN6 COMMISION! If I were your Senator, you bet yer assI WOULD SPEAK THE F UP!! Those were #whitenationalists, a kind word for fn ‘neonazis; neonazi fn thugs!!!yeah that’s right I said it. HALF OF CONGRESS IS ALL OF IUR PROBLEMS!! We cannot allow Sinema to take up precious in our congress, because she’s not a TRUE DEMOCRAT. She fraternizes and winks and Nods; and bows to the right-wing nuts in the Rethuglikkkan party AS WELL AS Sucking up to corporate Democrats (like #Pelosi, unfortunately), who are – and everybody should know this by now: Democraps” and “rethuglikkkunts’ are just two sides of the same coin! As Nader put it : “THEY BOTH ARE DIALLING FOR THE SAME DOLLARS”! We cant trust any of em; and it’s been like that – a charade, basically of democracy-a loooong-ass time.For example, #thedemocrats- YOU GUYS IN DNC NEED SOME FN MORAL COMPASS!that’s all I’m gonna say about that- and #PresidentFnSanders- THIS SHOULD BE BERNIE’S SECOND TERM RIGHT NOW! Heart-breaking. And who is to blame for all that??? Fn #CorporateDemoceats / All they have to do is say to these fn traitorous #GOPCxnts: ‘FUCK YER FILIBUSTER!!thy is racist, relic of #JimCrowEra! From now on, we’ll do it how our Nation’s Framers intended to VOTE IN CONGressby fn #simplemajority! How easy irks that!! Democrats, just tel Repubicans: FUCK YER FEELINGNS !! Hahaha