Why The Hell I, Trista, Wanna Run For Sheriff

Hi There, my name’s Trista, TRISTA, & thank you Pima Democrats for giving us candidates our 3 mins of fame.
My name’s not going to be on the ballot because GOP lawyer Benny Whitey – Pima recorder candidate who can’t count – contested my signatures.
So I’m officially running as write-in candidate; and Arizona Governor in 2022 against Douchey; & ultimately I wanna be President Sanders’ VP.
I grew up in Tucson, attended both Flowing Wells & Sunnyside. Then I lived, studied & worked 20 years abroad, & hold degrees from UC Berkeley (Poli Sci); Oxford University (Master’s – I studied trauma counseling); & a Master’s in Medical Humanities from Taipei Medical University.
My pre-viral profession was ESL teacher & journalist. I taught at National Taiwan University, & worked many years for the media as writer & researcher. I’ve always also run for office, since high school, actually! I ran & lost for treasurer against Dawn Holt! But at SDCC, I was encouraged by the outgoing student body president to run, & I did, choosing as my VP a dynamic Latina, Sandra Escobedo. were so productive & active in the students’ interest that the college president Jeanne Atherton said we were the most active student government she’d ever seen, in decades.
I’m running for sheriff as a public advocate. I’m running, frankly because the level of corruption & abuse of power in OUR local law enforcement – across the country – is OUTRAGEOUS & UNACCEPTABLE. I’m entering the so-called ‘bloodsport of politics’ as a champion of human rights. I’m an aspriring human/civil rights lawyer & volunteer physician for Doctors Without Borders. I speak several languages, including French fluently & Mandarin Chinese. & I can say for SURE that police brutality, disgusting treatment of Asylumseekers in Pima County will STOP OVERNIGHT in a Chang administration. We will treat our Mexican family & refugees with love, respect & honor, as if they were our own family members. They will get due process. And on DAY ONE, we will FREE THE BABIES!
I am, I believe, the only sheriff candidate in the US who is pro-BLM; I’m pretty sure I’m the only sheriff candidate who also supports defunding the police. In this, I propose putting half of the Pima County Sheriff’s departmental budget – 135 million – towards health & human services; counseling & even housing services so we can rehome the houseless. I’m against pot busts because that ruins people’s lives, so I will instruct my officers not to prosecute individuals for mJ possession, a policy which is safer for them, too. I am calling out Mark Napier for jeopardizing our deputies safety, & call for them to wear protective masks – I studied epidemiology at TMU, one of best medical universities in Asia, so I actually know what I’m talking about. I have also called for Napier to step down over his disastrous & shameful handling of police misconduct, when Dep Van SATEN mauled a limbless teen! Then Napier put this creep on paid administrative leave. This is disgusting conduct on Napier’s part – instead of charging Van Saten with ASSAULT; which is what I would & will do; this butthead brought the two traumatized teens to jail. No doubt you all witnessed another disgusting case of police brutality in Tucson, under PC Chris Magnus’ administration, Carlos Ingram-Lopez was cuffed and then tased to death! OUTRAGEOUS!! I have called for HIM to step down, as well, & in fact if y’all wanna write me in for Tucson police chief, I promise to serve in that capacity as well. I will drop all charges v any prisoners in my jurisdiction in prison for mj possession.
As a candidate, I accept NOBODY’s campaign contributions, because I perceive that as a form of institutionalized bribery.
have sought I myself was brutalized & falsely charged, arrested, imprisoned & denied medical attention. I was gardening one moment on my own property here in beautiful southwest tucson, & the next moment I had my face literally in the gravel of my own driveway by a deputy Knerr. Then, too, politics is

Then I moved around with my mother, who was a single mother of 4, & subcontractor for Boeing, Raytheon & others. My Mama G – the Rev. Tama Genovese was a healer & deacon of her church, The Temple of Universality & Church of Tamara. She had a heart attack shortly after Pima County Sheriffs for some reason showed up at 4 a.m. for a non-emergency welfare check.
I was horrified to see in the news that one of OUR deputies from the Pima County Sheriffs Department – a Mr. Manuel Van Saten – in Nov. 2019 ‘tackled to the ground’ a LIMBLESS TEEN. Then instead of putting SATAN in jail, Satan took the two teens to jail, instead.
Then, OUR (current!) Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier, a Republican ‘elected sheriff’ who has been in office a looong time,put Satan on PAID ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE! Can you believe the audacity of NOT FIRING SATAN, as I would have done, & will do if you WRITE ME IN – TRISTA – for Pima County Sheriff Nov. 3 this year.
When you elect me, Trista, Pima County Sheriff, you will get an activist sheriff, in the sense that I will ACTIVELY fight for the public’s best interest.
I have already called – & will continue to call, whether or not enough people elect me the FIRST WRITE-IN SHERIFF in the Country! haha – for the RESIGNATIONS and/or prosecutions of people – OUR elected officials & members of law enforcement, who have ACTIVELY VIOLATED THE PUBLIC’S BEST INTEREST.
Therefore, when Pima voters elect me – a Berkeley & Oxford & Taipei Medical University educated WOMAN ! 🙂 – as Their Sheriff, DAY ONE:
**** I will FIRE SATAN, bring HIM to Pima County Jail & charge him with assault & battery of two children, which is what he did! ! ! ! !
**** I will #FREETHEBABIES & ICE PRISONERS, & #ABOLISHICE relationship, which is a DAILY ATROCITY in my view; as well as file suit against its 1) illegality
I’m going to need lawyers to totally restructure the Pima County RANGERS Department – it’s new name, SO:
**** RANGERS HIRE ACLU to create humane new system of accountability in OUR local law enforcement.
I call for Napier NOT TO SHRED OR OTHERWISE DESTROY *ANY* DOCUMENTS; & call for a moratorium on deleting abuse & misconduct records by members of OUR local law enforcement. This is because we’re gonna:
*** PURGE ABUSIVE COPS. Any ‘cops’ (word I’ll use for the naughty ones!) with a track record of abuse will be LET GO; fired, with NO SEVERANCE PAY.
*** WE’LL WORK W/SAMARITANS & ACLU to set up a fair, humane policy at the border.
***DAY ONE- NO MORE POT BUSTS, ALL YOU U OF A STUDENTS! haha! Students & young people need to ALL VOTE FOR ME! PS- I consider meself “Bernie’s Sheriff’! Because I stand for everything he does, & I’m even MORE progressive than #PresidentSanders, because he allowed DNC to get away with #ElectionFraud!