By Trista diGenova-CHANG

Ever since #Impotus was narrowly acquitted on his FIRST impeachment process, he’s been goin’ on a veritable crime-spree.
Every day we wake up to new, unheard-of, unreal crises; a string of them, a string of lies, a string of impeachable offenses that Congress does fcuk-all about. Not even a censure from time to time! No, they just want us to pin all our hopes on having these mythical ‘elections’!
Like Ralph Nader said, OUR US Congress has ABDICATED ITS RESPONSIBILITIES.
I call it THE DAILY ATROCITY. I was thinking of starting up an online newspaper of that name to cover the constant stream of lunacy emanating from the White House.
Every day we wake up & the news is just as dire, just as deeply disturbing.
It’s like reading the private medical records of a psychiatric patient.
We know this arsehole is judged ‘MENTALLY UNFIT’ by 1000s of medical & mental health professionals in a Yale study by Dr. Bandy Lee; it was even a NYT bestseller.
We know his own sister, federal judge Mary Trump, described him candidly as ‘CRUEL’ & ‘HE HAS NO PRINCIPLES.’
His niece, also named Mary, a clinical psychiatrist assessed him as thus: ANTI-SOCIAL, (textbook example of a) NARCISSIST (he fulfills all the diagnostic criteria); A SOCIOPATH like his father, Fred Trump, who in 1927 ‘rioted against police’ in full clansman uniform.
According to his niece Dr. Trump, ‘Mr. Ass-Face’ as I like to call him (because when he puckers his lips he looks like a bunghole), also has an ‘undiagnosed learning disability’. This is at least one of the many reasons he snorts Adderol like a pig.
Furthermore, if that’s not #PresidentJimJones enough to cover all his mental problems, Dr. Trump adds that her sleazebag POS of an uncle ‘HAS A DEPENDENCY DISORDER’ whereby he will adopt the point of view of whomever is closest in proximity to him – say a gangster or Mossad agent, or international child sex-trafficker pimp like Jeffrey Epstein, or ‘Jizzlin’ Maxwell, whom he ‘wishes well’ – probably ’cause she’s got a dossier on him a MILE HIGH!!
Ay, carumba! What a Sh+tshow in Washington!