Dear NYT Editor:
Please publish at least the gist of this letter, in which I call for You— New York Times, indisputably the most powerful newspaper in the world — to write an Editorial calling for his IMMEDIATE REMOVAL. It is, as Mary Trump said, a matter of life & death.
As sheriff candidate in Tucson, Arizona, I also call for his IMMEDIATE IMPRISONMENT & to try him for Treason,corruption, graft, criminal & wilful neglect of his duties to even take steps to contain covid’s spread.
Mary is a psychotherapist, & states in her book that her uncle Don fits all the diagnostic criteria of a sociopathic, anti-social narcissist, noting he is ‘incapable’ & unfit in every possible way, mentally, emotionally, morally & financially corrupt. I am reading it as public service and also to prepare for my federal lawsuit calling for a Federal Judge to provide injunctive relief against this atrocity of a man & remove him at least from our electoral system, on at least one of scores of crimes against the US. 🇺🇸
As a country, We all need to do our part right now to keep America safe! Call Congress everybody! 202 224 3111.Tell them to pass a resolution calling for his immediate resignation over covid, so President Pelosi can return our country to some normalcy again, & contain the virus in about 130 days, like Cuba 🇨🇺 just did.
Our Congress needs to stop abdicating it’s duty to protect & serve the public interest; & #ImpeachAgain. Uncle Ralph Nader recently went at length over 13 impeachable offenses to remove him by. Imho he is guilty of treason & domestic terrorism; the epitome of fraud and corruption.
Mr tRump is a danger to society, if left to prevent us all from protecting ourselves, even refusing to fund testing. & trying to seize control from the CDC of publishing or withholding these statistics from public view. Since he is probably not going to go without being forcefully removed, the New York Times needs to call for their immediate removal.
Trump &. Pence – & his whole Administration, need to be gone by tomorrow morning 8am at the LATEST, so we can get some competent leadership in there, & get to work containing this virus. He’s like a zit that needs to be popped right now.
Speaker Pelosi would no doubt make a fine first woman president who realizes the gravity of this situation.
Pelosi, I am confident will do all the RIGHT things to get us out of this covid crisis, unlike the set of turkeys we got now, doing all the WRONG things, & on purpose!
Plus they’ve stolen all that money from our country, MANY TRILLIONS of dollars in stimulus packages; they’ve effectively embezzled it from our nation’s coffers, managing, until now to carry out surely the greatest Heist in History; perhaps historians will call it ‘Trumpheist’ . If we don’t exorcise the Trumpheist, certainly they don’t care if millions die as a result; therefore, we must all ACT NOW!
ALL the world’s newspaper editors need to take a stand on this issue. Take a stand! Call for his resignation and his removal! With enough pressure, he will maybe step down. Maybe not, but it will certainly help his ratings tank, so we don’t get stuck with him in a too-close race in November.
Please, NYT, for the benefit of all, do yer job. Exercise OUR right to Freedom of the Press while we still got it.
Because, as the ole Nazi-in-Chief admits now after months of denying even the existence of ‘Kung Flu’, ‘Things are gonna get much worse before they get better’.
Thing is, everything will certainly get worse if we don’t do anything, or make the grave mistake of just ‘waiting till November’ to see if this rigged electoral system can do ITS job.

As NYT pointed out years ago now in a Pulitzer-Prize-winning article, the Trump fortune Is GUILTY OF FRAUD & TAX EVASION. Yet his lawyer lied to you – the NYT- & tried to bluff his way out of the situation. And so what did you do then, NYT? You just let em get away with everything, by volleying back through the press, a patent lie in denial?
Use your powerful voice in an Editorial. If you like, I would be happy to provide a draft with some speaking points. In fact, endorse me as a candidate & I will write you an editorial that you’ll never forget!! 🙂 it just might do the trick to get rid of this lunatic. By the way, he thinks he’s ‘The Chosen One, ‘ enables by Pence, so pence must go, too!
Look forward to hearing from you! I haven’t written an editorial for the New York Times since about 2000, when I was working for PICW at the State Department in DC!
My phone number : 520 271 3844
Trista diGenova-CHANG
Write-in Sheriff Candidate in Tucson. AZ
I am Berkeley/Oxford & Taipei Medical University grad in public health & safety; Trauma/PTSD Counseling
As you know, Mary Trump- potus’ niece & a psychotherapist, just published a warning to all of us:
There is NO EXCUSE for any of us to tolerate this madman at the helm in our country; & be forewarned: this President should be forced to resign. He is mentally unfit, meets

NYP 10/2/18 tweet: Trump declined repeated requests over several weeks to comment for this article. But a lawyer for Trump, Charles J. Harder, provided this statement: “The New York Times’s allegations of fraud and tax evasion are 100 percent false, and highly defamatory.”

Trista: Haha 😂 & u swallowed that garbage? Nail him! He lied to u about 1927 kkk activities2!- check Fred’s addy in @nytimes! -then call 4 his immediate ouster: unfit, fraud, crimes vhumanity &every other crime we got. #LockThemAllUP! MARY TRUMP – I READ HER NEW BOOK & COMMENT: TOO MUCH & NEVER ENOUGH’ by ‘LETTERS TO THE US CONGRESS’: STICK IT 2da MAN! Show, W/TristaChang4Sheriff • A podcast on Anchor