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Why The Hell I, Trista, Wanna Run For Sheriff

Hi There, my name’s Trista, TRISTA, & thank you Pima Democrats for giving us candidates our 3 mins of fame. My name’s not going to be on the ballot because GOP lawyer Benny Whitey – Pima recorder candidate who can’t count – contested my signatures. So I’m officially running as write-in candidate; and Arizona Governor […]


Mr Trump will always be remembered as the most divisive & criminal President in American history & as the first US president who was a blatant neonazi. He will be remembered as cruel beyond belief, responsible for millions of American deaths (if he isn’t immediately removed & imprisoned), a sadistic narcissist who broke every law […]

Does trump actually believe he is the antichrist or does he just try to act like one?

Christians SHOULD perceive him as someone who is doing his Absolute best to act like the Anti-Christ. To me, it’s obvious he is satanic, based on not only his actions of disappearing thousands of immigrant children and breaking every damn American law we have; but just contemplate for 1 moment the hardcore symbolism of upholding […]

What will happen by 2024, if Trump gets to serve a second term?

Millions will die from a combination of his genocidal policies. There will be more death camps, hundreds of thousands of his critics will ‘disappear’ – whisked away and buried in mass graves. It’s all a part of the 1 percent’s ‘depopulation plan’. He will kill as many of us as possible. We still won’t be […]