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Does trump actually believe he is the antichrist or does he just try to act like one?

Christians SHOULD perceive him as someone who is doing his Absolute best to act like the Anti-Christ. To me, it’s obvious he is satanic, based on not only his actions of disappearing thousands of immigrant children and breaking every damn American law we have; but just contemplate for 1 moment the hardcore symbolism of upholding […]

BREAKING/NEWSTIPS: Tucson Sheriff-to-be TRISTA calls to #IMPEACHAGAIN; urges FL demand DeSantis resign!

July 21, Tucson (AZ) ‪Beware, EVERY1! Trump fully intends to declare nazional emergency to derail 2020 elections! Therefore, WE CANNOT WAIT TIL NOV TO GET RID OF HIM & PENCE! Call Congress 202 2243121-#ImpeachAGAIN! 1❤️!–TO-GET-RID-OF-THE-NAZIS–STICK-IT-TO-THE-MAN-SHOW–wTrista-eguls3‬ STATEMENT ON MR TRUMP FOR OPED PAGE: Mr Trump will always be remembered as the most divisive & criminal […]


Two racist attorneys in MO brandished weapons at black people walking down the street got charged with unlawful use of weapon. MO Governor Parson said trump got involved. So Parson and some GOP lawyers are suing Kim Gardner w/abusing mccloskeys’ gun rights. My reaction as Pima sheriff-to-be: ‪Typical obstruction of justice!! #ImpeachAGAIN! 202 2243121 & […]

Why does Trump lie so much & say crazy stuff all the time?

I think he lies and makes up so much stuff because Donald Trump is what’s called a ‘‘pathological liar’. It’s like he is incapable of telling the truth. Politico has caught him out telling over 20,000 lies, & that’s just the three years he’s been in office. People who are narcissists like Trump – & […]

What will happen by 2024, if Trump gets to serve a second term?

Millions will die from a combination of his genocidal policies. There will be more death camps, hundreds of thousands of his critics will ‘disappear’ – whisked away and buried in mass graves. It’s all a part of the 1 percent’s ‘depopulation plan’. He will kill as many of us as possible. We still won’t be […]


In order to rig our elections, trump will continue doing what he’s doing: not allow mail-in voting- even if he does it himself, for the past decades- & keep complaining about democrats rigging it, which they actually did in the primaries against #PresidentSanders- & then when he knows he’s not gonna win, he’ll declare a […]