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160k dead Americans is no tragedy

A tragedy is something sudden, that nothing anybody could have done would have prevented. The coronavirus pandemic raging in America, killing 160,000 of my fellow Americans is entirely preventable. Therefore, 160,000 dead Americans is no tragedy; it is an OUTRAGE. I think it’s OUTRAGEOUS that we, the plague-ridden public, besieged by a raging pandemic that […]

We Haven’t Had This Piss-Poor ‘leadership’ Since Nero!

KVOA asked yesterday our thoughts on Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s mask mandate. I think he obviously doesn’t know what he’s doing, because he’s doing way too little, too late. He closed & then re-opened the economy, without having any adequate system in place to protect us, the public, from another spike in infections. Gov. Doucey […]

Newsbrief: July 28, 2020

TUCSON (AZ) – July 28, 2020: WRITE-IN SHE-RIFF CANDIDATE, TRISTA, SUES TO REMOVE & IMPRISON TRUMP ADMIN! Here is the legal basis & argument of my federal lawsuit against the tyrannical Trump Empire: I, JahTRISTA diGenova-Chang, am suing mr. tRump & his entire kkkriminal administration – essentially a crime family syndicate that should be tried […]

BRILLIANT TWEETS – July 27, 2020

– RESIGN GOV. PARSONS – How the HELL did Missouri Gov. Mike Parsons get elected? What a stupid hick! & someone who is criminally negligent of his duties! How dare u put at risk our kids? Just go online, dumb arsehole, till yer Nazi prez resigns or gets voted out! #RecallGovParsons!! #ResignMikeParsons!‬ ON VOTING:‪This is […]

Why America pokes its nose in other countries’ affairs

(Response to Quora question)America is ‘poking’ its nose in other countries’ affairs’, to put it lightly, quite simply because the United States has been seized by a brutal & fascist dictatorship. America has long ‘poked its nose’ in the affairs of other countries, because the men in charge of this country are expansionist & greedy […]